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Jim McMillan has been handling insurance claims, primarily in Florida, since the mid-70's. He began as a field adjuster working for third party administrators in the Central Florida area, serving the needs of self Insurance Workers' Compensation Funds throughout Florida.


Jim has experienced all areas of Workers' Compensation in his many years in the industry including Special Disability Trust Fund claims, creation of managed care programs, and the managing of day-to-day claims as a partner in several third-party administrators. He holds a multi-lines adjuster license as well as a Life, Health and Annuity license. Jim has also obtained an expertise in Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements and accompanying annuities. He has been complimented many times on his nuts-and-bolts style of simplifying workers compensation for unrepresented claimants. 

In September of 2001, Jim started Mutual Risk Services, Inc and uses his vast field experience in assisting his clients with concluding large exposure cases both at mediation and face-to-face with pro se claimants nationwide. 

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